Sunday, September 14, 2008

dryer, garage door opener, shopping

J got back last night. NOLA is looking good.

We bought a dryer that was on scratch & dent for $500, down from $948. The front door was scratched, and one leg of the dryer wasn't quite right. I ended up doing some bending of the sheet metal to get it straight. The dryer installed pretty easily. The old washing machine is now out in the garage.

There was a nest in the dryer exhaust duct. The new dryer had the "AF" error, and I went outside to check it out. There were lots of pine needles, and bird feathers packed into the duct. I used the shop-vac to clear the debris. I don't know what the deal was with the previous owners. There was lint all over the place in the laundry room, so that nest might have been there a while.

I got the garage door opener programmed, we bought a bunch of supplies to move other things forward. We've got 2 ceiling fans: one for the bedroom (52") and one for the office (42"). We'll decide what we put in the sitting room based on the way the two sizes feel in their respective rooms.

We got a bunch of stuff at Home depot with some coupons that J had that expired today. Future supplies.

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