Saturday, January 31, 2009

J got sick of the kitchen floor

Since we're going to redo the floor when we vault the ceiling, we just removed the linoleum and painted the ugly ass paperboard that was under it.

I pulled up the tiles, and then sanded the floor.

We had a mistint paint that we were calling "kermit" and decided to use it.

So there's kermit, spread all over the floor.


Next, J forged a star.

Then I stenciled the shape onto the floor, and J did the hard part of painting them.

So, here's what we got.

Fireplace ready to burn

The Chimney Master came by, and told us we can have fires in the fireplace. We've only had one so far, and we didn't get a lot of heat from it. But it sure was fun.

Monday, January 19, 2009

mycologists have more fungi

I have been waiting to use that line since 1994.

I bought a Shitake mushroom block online. Here are the first little mushrooms emerging.

Here they are just a couple of days later:

Mushrooms for dinner next week, for sure.

The block will produce for a couple of weeks, then it goes dormant for a couple of weeks, then it produces again. I think we'll get about 3 months out of that. It will be spring by then. We'll use the rest of the block to innoculate some logs or a tree trunk that we have in the back yard, to get a shitake colony going outside. I'm excited about it.