Wednesday, September 10, 2008

upper roof gutter -- This is the first post on the day I actually did it.

I got on the roof today to check out the gutter that had fallen down. Fortunately, the screws were still in place. So, I got the cordless drill, the wratchet attachment and both the english and metric wratchets.

I got up on the roof, and quickly re-installed the gutter. I cleaned out the gutter, and cleaned off the pile of leaves that had accumulated above the chimney. I also checked out the branch of the willow that is on the roof. It is pretty solidly resting weight on the roof, and that branch seems to have some structural compromise to it back near the major fork away from another branch. That tree also has some sort of a blight or heavy insect abuse. I am trying to figure out a way to minimize the damage from that branch when I cut it off. But, I don't really hve any where to leverage it. I tried tying it off and moving it from below, but there is too much weight from it leaning on the house.

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