Sunday, March 29, 2009

beautiful, heavy things

A while ago, I had an idea for the back deck on McKenna. When I told Pat, he said he would only install the 1" thick pieces of glass as railings if I was there to help install them.

I definitely like stone as a material. J makes fun of my "marble table collection." Five marble tables is hardly a collection.

So, when J found 120 sq. ft of slate in Leesburg, we had to go get it. I had just finished a ~25 mile bike ride, so I was a bit tired. We took the ferry across the river, and filled the truck to the suspension's capacity (and maybe a bit beyond). We unloaded the slate, then got a well deserved burrito.

We put the path out to the hot tub. There was another load of slate to haul. So we went back across the river Wednesday night to get the rest of it.

Most of the stone was 2 - 3 inches thick. The second load wasn't nearly as big, but there was a decent amount there.

I think it was Wednesday that J mentioned there was another advertisement on craigslist for more slate. She e-mailed an offer, but no response. A couple of days later she got an e-mail. Offer accepted. Fortunately, this stuff was only about 10 minutes away. We got about 50 sq. ft. more. We stacked this, since we had spread the other load out and again ran out to get something to eat.

Moving heavy things makes me hungry. Today was a gorgeous day, and we spent a little time in the yard.

We still need to level and install the patio around the hottub.
But we've got plenty of stone to do it.

We re-organized the walkway, integrating some of the rectangular pieces from the second load with the longer rectangles from the first load.

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