Saturday, January 31, 2009

J got sick of the kitchen floor

Since we're going to redo the floor when we vault the ceiling, we just removed the linoleum and painted the ugly ass paperboard that was under it.

I pulled up the tiles, and then sanded the floor.

We had a mistint paint that we were calling "kermit" and decided to use it.

So there's kermit, spread all over the floor.


Next, J forged a star.

Then I stenciled the shape onto the floor, and J did the hard part of painting them.

So, here's what we got.


Christina said...

I FINALLY REMEMBERED!! The floor looks more awesome than it does when you explain it. It does look like a shade of kermit. I guess the room aside this one is Miss Piggy?

Crowleigh said...

Hilarious. Miss Piggy indeed.

It does look pretty cool. It is not often you can just do what you want to where you live.

Great to run into you. Let us know the next time you go for sushi, you know we like that place.